Berkshire Pork Sampler with Maple Breakfast Sausage Links

Berkshire Pork Sampler with Maple Breakfast Sausage Links

Chops, Shoulder Roast, Breakfast Link Sausage & Bacon.
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Fantastic, flavorful, expertly cut and packaged. Authentic, farm raised Berkshire pork.

    4 Loin Chops.

    1 Shoulder Roast.

    4 Individual, 4 Ounce Each, Sausage Links.

    1 lb. of all natural cured, hickory smoked bacon.

On occasion, pork is called "the other white meat".  That is not true of our Berkshire. Berkshires are a heritage breed that produces a more red colored, exquisite tasting, marbled cut of pork. We source our Berk piglets from a purebred Berkshire breeder in Connecticut.  They are pasture raised and live in "hog heaven". We, and our long time customers, feel our Berkshire pork is unparalleled.

Bacon curing: "No Nitrites or nitrates added except for those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery juice".



For some interesting tidbits on the Berkshire check this out 




Our Berkshire bacon consists of "pork, water, brown sugar, sea salt, maple syrup" with a hickory smoke. The sausage consists of Berkshire pork, maple syrup, water, salt, black pepper, ginger, white pepper, fennel and sage. The pork is processed, blended, cured and smoked completely at Vermont Packing House.